Recent Programmes

Sl No. Date Title of the Programme Coordinators Status Report
11 27-03-2019 To 28-03-2019 Two-day workshop with the experts and specialists in the field of Yoga Health and Physical Education, from universities and other reputed institutions. for Development of Handbook and Chapter writing and drafting of Handbook.
Mr.Prasanna Kumar T.K, Assistant Professor of Physical Education Completed REPORT - PRASANNA KUMAR T K.pdf965.7 KB
12 25-03-2019 To 26-03-2019 A two-day consultative meet/workshop with the experts and specialists in the field of art education, from the universities and other reputed institutions. Mr. Shravan Kumar Pendyala, Assistant Professor of Art Education Completed REPORT - SHRAVAN KUMAR PENDYALA.pdf1.47 MB
13 18-03-2019 To 20-03-2019 Sponsored Research Proposals Prof. M. S. Talawar, Centre Director Completed REPORT - DR M S TALAWAR.pdf640.07 KB
14 11-03-2019 To 15-03-2019 Five Day Workshop on Integration of Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK) in Teacher Education Courses. Dr. A. Divyapriya, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education Completed REPORT -DR A DIVYAPRIYA.pdf742.7 KB
15 06-03-2019 To 08-03-2019 Three day workshop for Designing Alternative Instructional Strategies for Teaching Difficult Concepts in Science and Mathematics for Secondary Teacher Educators
Dr. S Prasannakumar, Associate Professor of Science Education Completed REPORT - DR S PRASANNA KUMAR.pdf2.86 MB